Hunting dogs

Technically these cannot be termed as hunting equipment, but hunting dogs can be a great help in the process. Some of the breeds of dogs have grown to be better hunting dogs due to their sense of smell and their ability to be trained to not damage the prey once it is obtained. Some of the common categories of hunting dogs include hounds, terriers, dachshund and gun dogs.

Hounds like the whippet, the coonhound, greyhounds and collies are often used in hunting. The whippet has a great sense of visual acumen and speed and the manner in which it hunts is called coursing because the prey is sighted from a distance and stalked. Scent hounds like the coonhound depend on their ability to smell in order to hunt. They generally hunt in packs and smell the game out. Lurchers like the collie and the Scottish deerhound is a sighthound crossed with a working dog.

Gun dogs can be retrievers, setters, spaniels, pointers or water dogs. Retrievers like the Chesapeake Bay retriever are mainly used to get back game that has been shot. They are trained to not bite into the game while bringing it back so that it is not spoilt. It may surprise some to know but the poodles that we see so dressed up in dog shows are actually great at retrieving game from the water.

Terriers are used to hunt mammals because they can locate a den or a set that belongs to the target animal easily. Dachshunds are used often to hunt badgers, foxes and other animals that live in burrows.



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