Firearms in hunting

The days of bow and arrow may not yet be over but the use of firearms is definitely more common in hunting these days. Firearms include rifles, shotguns and handguns. There are various definitions for these firearms and what you need to know is that the legal definition of these are generally different from the technical ones.

Rifles are guns that come under the category of shoulder guns. They provide a large level of accuracy and range and therefore are extremely coveted huntingweapons. The centerfire is used for killing big game and rimfire like .22 long rifles is used to kill small game.

Shotguns were initially designed to fire a large number of shots as projectiles in one shot. This is a good method of hunting small game but some of the modern shotguns can also be used to kill larger game like deer and bears to. Shotguns can be used for short range firing and typically a shotgun should be used when the game is within 100 yards. Some of the popular shotgun actions for hunting include break-barrel action, pump action and semi-automatic shotgun.

Handguns have become popular in the recent times and these can be fired using one or two hands. They also do not need shoulder support in order to fire. Due to this reason they are more difficult to shoot accurately especially at long distances. Hunting handguns have long barrels and better sight equipment in order to allow better accuracy. Powerheads are also used in hunting to fire cartridges when they come in contact with the target.



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