Hunting Techniques

Hunting techniques have changed over the years. The specific methods that are used in hunting are also different based on religion, country, environment and climate. The techniques also vary based on government regulations, customs, availability of hunting equipment and the game being hunted too. The animals that are hunted are often divided into big game, small game, furbearers, predators, upland game birds and waterfowl. Some of the methods that can be used include baiting, blind hunting, persistence hunting, spotlighting, stalking, tracking and dog hunting.

The motives for hunting have also changed over the years. From the pre historic days when hunting was mainly done to procure food, it changed to the times when kings and warriors hunted to show off their bravery and courage. This is something that has continued into the modern age as trophy hunting where people stuff and display the game that they have caught.

Hunting techniques for beginners

Those who have been hunting feel that they can develop their own signature style of hunting. However, beginners in this field may require some help to understand the specific types of hunting methods that they can use to start off. Knowing these methods can also help beginners to decide on the specific method that they are comfortable with. Rifle hunting requires you to have a hunting rifle, amm...


Deer hunting methods

There are specific methods that have been tried and tested for deer hunting. These include the standing method, still hunting and group hunting. The standing method is considered as the best method by many in order to catch deer. However, you do need to have some knowledge of the animal and should have done some scouting around in order to know where the game will land. You will also need a lot...


Persistence hunting

This is a hunting technique that uses the process of tiring their prey to the extent of extreme exhaustion. The fundamentals behind this technique are based on the biology of animals and humans. Humans can sweat to reduce the heat that is developed in their body as they undertake physical activity. On the other hand, four legged animals need to slow down their pace in order to pant. This techniq...


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